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Foundation history:

Our first production of semi-automatic washing machines started in 2009 in Kanev city, Ukraine. Up today, washing machines produced by KTD Cherkasy, are still popular among all residents of small towns and villages.

After successful start-up of washing machines project, KTD Cherkasy took a decision to invest in development of new categories of home appliances. Later on, such projects as electric kettles, food dryers, hand mixers, fan heaters, meat grinders – were launched. Along with small home appliances, KTD Cherkasy took a decision to make extra investments in development of white goods. Thus, in 2015, new factory in Cherkasy city was purchased to produce different kind of white goods and small home appliances containing metal parts, such as refrigerators, electric ovens, convector heaters, standing fans, metal electric kettles. In manufacturing process, both factories use most modern and advanced equipment with active participation and control of leading Chinese engineers.

A Food Dryer production start

The production of a new product – a food dryer has started at the Kupava plant facilities of the city of Kaniv in May 2015.

The first commercial food dryer was traditionally handed over to Alexander Gromyko, the President of KTD-Group. A huge opportunity is concentrated at the plant thanks to which the plant is capable to provide the whole Europe with the household appliances.

By production of the food dryer, the company management has laid the foundations of the big production of the wide range of products under the label “Made in UA”

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